Top 10 MBA Programs in Canada

The QS Global MBA Rankings have been discharged today, positioning business colleges from around the globe. Here are the list of Canada:

5. The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, Ontario

Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Despite the fact that the Smith School of Business stays at fifth position for Canada. Smith has climbed the Global MBA Rankins this year to 85th from 88th. Smith is currently positioned first for employability in Canada (up from second), seventh for thought initiative. Because it stays eighth for enterprise and graduated class results, fourteenth for rate of profitability and eleventh for assorted variety.

The year program costs US$67,689, yet the normal compensation post-MBA is US$87,071.

4. Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto

Schulich School of Business, York University

Presently we have our second Toronto establishment in the best 10, which has additionally figured. Because out how to keep its situation for a second year straight. The Schulich School of Business prides itself. Despite on being a worldwide school, and depicts its MBA as a visa to progress. For the Canada area, it’s second for rate of profitability, fourth for decent variety, fifth for however administration, seventh for employability, and seventh for business enterprise and graduated class results. Schulich likewise ascended in the Global MBA Rankings from joint 82nd to 76th.

3. Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario

Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario

Imparting the platform to Desautels is a year age’s number ruling silver establishment Ivey Business School. Positioned 61st in our Global MBA Rankings 2019, Ivey’s positions second for business enterprise and graduated class results, third for employability, 6th for rate of profitability, fourth for thought authority and 6th for decent variety.

The associate class comprises of 170 understudies, which is by all accounts significantly higher for Canadian business college. On the money related side, the year MBA program will set understudies back US$84,817, yet there is a slight ascent present graduation with pay rates on US$59,490 from US$51,774.

David Wood, Ivey MBA Program Director, says “Ivey creates pioneers through. Because a one of a kind programs of experiential learning. Our understudies comprehend the essentials of business, yet the application important to prevail over their vocation. The program centers around creating astuteness and not just learning.

“52 percent of our graduated class hold an official dimension position in their associations. Every year in excess of eight thousand graduated class draw in with Ivey. Their MBA experience has been transformational for their vocation as well as for their initiative advancement.”

2. The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, Montréal

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University


Climbing into silver position from bronze in our Canadian positioning this year is the Desautels Faculty of Management. All around, Desautels has climbed to 61st from 66th, while in Canada, Desautels has taken off to initially spot for decent variety (up from 6th spot a year ago), and landed first position for business and graduated class results, second for thought authority and employability individually, third for degree of profitability. Truth be told, Desautels has figured out how to improve each of the five of its marker scores.

Desautels has nearly achieved sex equality as 45 percent of understudies in the companion are female, and with 21 nationalities and 84 percent universal understudies you could state it’s a significant assorted accomplice. The 22-month program costs US$70,880, and graduates apparently hit it fortunate with their compensations, acquiring US$74,179 by and large post-MBA contrasted with US$38,292 before their investigations.


Educator Alfred Jaeger, Academic Director, MBA and PMBA Programs (Desautels Faculty of Management) says, “What separates us is the cozy partner estimate, which makes an affectionate network.

“Joined with a customized domain, the little companion cultivates unparalleled open doors for understudies to get associated with extracurricular exercises, have direct access to their teachers, and system intimately with their friends, vocation mentors, and individuals from the business network who routinely come in to visitor address.

“In addition to the fact that we weave in industry ability into the MBA, we incorporate our because most recent administration investigation into our educating. Our educators originate from everywhere throughout the world, most have dealt with research extends abroad and many keep on having research coordinated efforts, along these lines conveying a solid worldwide viewpoint to the study hall.”

Yet, what’s jaeger’s opinion of rankings? HE says, “Rankings are a decent beginning stage because for possibility to investigate about the MBA programs yet just recount to part of the story. At Desautels, MBA hopefuls are effective and have sway on their networks in an assortment of ways that are not constantly quantifiable. Along these lines, it is imperative for planned candidates to discover the school. Because that best accommodates their needs from a scholarly, proficient and experiential point of view.”

1. The Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Rotman, some portion of the University of Toronto, is determined to wind up one of the. Despite its world’s top business colleges, and at number one for the Canada locale, the b-school is unquestionably heading for good things.

The aggressive school prides itself on being specific, which unmistakably functions as it additionally handled a spot in the main 50 foundations comprehensively at 43rd. 

Understudies appear to be somewhat more youthful at Rotman, with a normal age of 27- and four-years’ work experience. In any case, Rotman has one of the biggest class sizes in Canada with 350 understudies. The 18-month program costs US$92,868 and graduates win US$73,853 by and large.

The class is comprised of 41 percent female understudies, 52 percent worldwide understudies, and 35 distinct nationalities.